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PBS-SEPM 2016 Talks
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January 19th‚ 2016

Character of the Avalon Shale (Bone Spring Formation) of the Delaware Basin, West Texas and Southeast New Mexico: Effect of Carbonate-rich Sediment Gravity Flows Dr. Evan K. Franseen‚ Kansas Geological Survey‚ The University of Kansas. Abstract & Bio Presentation
February 16th‚ 2016 A Case Study in The Pennsylvanian Cleveland Sandstone on the Nemaha Ridge: Leveraging High Resolution 3D Seismic & Stratigraphic Analysis to Create the Conditions for Repeatable Drilling Opportunities in Complexly Distributed Reservoirs Tony Lupo‚ Chief Geophysicist of SM Energy‚ New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Abstract & Bio
March 15th‚ 2016 “Oceanographic and eustatic control of carbonate platform evolution and sequence stratigraphy on the Cretaceous (Valanginian–Campanian) passive margin‚ northern Gulf of Mexico” Dr. Ryan Phelps‚ Carbonate Stratigrapher for ConocoPhillips‚The University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio
April 19th‚ 2016 Texas Industrial Mineral and Metal Resources – A Permian Basin Perspective Dr. Richard Kyle‚ Economic Geology Professor‚ The University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio
May 17th‚ 2016 “West Texas and Eastern New Mexico Precambrian Basement Revealed” Dr. Melanie Barnes‚ Geology Professor‚ Texas Tech University. Abstract & Bio
September 8th‚ 2016 SCOOP and STACK: First Five Years and Beyond W. Allen Donaldson‚ V.P. of Exploration‚ Newfield Exploration Co. Abstract & Bio
October 18th‚ 2016 Re-Evaluation of Thermal Maturity and Stages of Petroleum Generation for Barnett Shale in the Forth Worth Basin‚ Texas Dr. Michael D. Lewan‚ Petroleum Geochemist/Geologist‚ Lewan GeoConsulting Corp. Abstract & Bio
November 15th‚ 2016 Natural Fracture Systems in the Spraberry Formation: Permian Basin Dr. John C. Lorenz‚ Consultant‚ FractureStudies. Abstract & Bio
PBS-SEPM 2015 Talks
Date Title Author
January 20th‚ 2015 Sediment Volume and Facies Partitioning in Shelf-Margin Prisms Dr. Ronald J Steel‚ Jackson School of Geosciences‚ The University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio
February 27th‚ 2015 Insight from ‘Texas Through Time’: Focus on West Texas Dr. Thomas E. Ewing‚ Bureau of Economic Geology‚ University of Texas at Austin‚ Frontera Exploration Consultants. Abstract & Bio
March 24th‚ 2015 Hydrocarbon Charge Considerations in Liquid-Rich Unconventional Petroleum Systems Dr. Michael A. Abrams‚ University of Utah Energy and Geoscience Institution‚ Geochemist at Apache Corporation. Abstract & Bio
April 21st 2015 Blanco River Interactions with the Trinity and Edwards Aquifers‚ Central Texas Brian Hunt‚ University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio; **********Presentation**********
May 19th‚ 2015 Mechanical Stratigraphy and Normal Faulting David A. Ferrill‚ Department of Earth Material and Planetary Sciences‚ Geosciences and Engineering Division‚ Southwest Research Institute. Abstract & Bio**********Presentation**********
September 15th‚ 2015 Upper Devonian-Mississippian stratigraphic framework of the Arkoma Basin and distribution of potential source-rock lithofacies in the Woodford-Chattanooga and Fayetteville-Caney shale-gas systems” Stanley T. Paxton‚ USGS Energy Resources Science Center. Abstract & Bio
October 20th‚ 2015 Early Permian (Wolfcampian) Succession in the Midland Basin: Icehouse Platform‚ Slope Carbonates and basinal mudrocks Qilong Fu‚ The University of Texas at Austin‚ Bureau of Economic Geology. Abstract & Bio;  **********Presentation**********
November 17th‚ 2015 Regional tectonic synthesis of the Delaware Basin Sam Huisman and Bob Krantz‚ ConocoPhillips. Abstract & Bio


PBS-SEPM 2014 Talks
Date Title Author
January 21st‚ 2014 New Carbonate Plays in the Mississippian Lime of the Bend Arch Area‚ Texas Dr. Ned Frost‚ Bureau of Economic Geology‚ Jackson School of Geosciences‚ The University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio
February 18th‚ 2014 Lithofacies‚ Depositional Environments and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian (Morrowan-Atokan) Marble Falls Formation‚ Central Texas Stephanie G Wood Noonan‚ Occidental Petroleum‚ Houston Texas. Abstract & Bio
March 18th‚ 2014 Stratigraphic Framework and Controls on Pennsylvanian Granite Wash Production Texas and Oklahoma Ed LoCricchio‚ Independent Geologist‚ Littleton Colorado. Abstract & Bio
April 15th‚ 2014 Synchronous Maximum Flooding Across the Paradox Basin‚ Pennsylvanian Hermosa Group‚ Southeastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado Dr. Gary Gianniny‚ Fort Lewis College‚ Durango Colorado. Abstract & Bio
May 20th‚ 2014 Obstacles and Pitfalls of the Everyday Interpreter: The Role of Geophysics in Resource Plays Glenn Winters‚ Chief Geophysicist at Fasken Oil and Ranch‚ LTD. Abstract & Bio
September 16th‚ 2014 Back to Basics: The ABCs of Correlation of Basin-Restricted Middle Permian Carbonates of The Delaware Basin: Unraveling the Avalon‚ Bone Canyon and Cutoff Stratigraphy Michael H. Gardner‚ Department of Earth Sciences‚ Montana State University at Bozeman‚ Bozeman Montana. Abstract & Bio
October 21st‚ 2014 Depositional Environment‚ Stratigraphy‚ Petrophysical and Reservoir Characteristics of the Haynesvill and Bossier Shale-Gas Plays of East Texas and Northwest Louisiana Dr. Ursula Hammes‚ Bureau of Economic Geology‚ Jackson School of Geosciences‚ The University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio
November 18th‚ 2014 Elemental Data and its Application to Formation Evaluation and Wellbore Placement Pukar Mainali‚ Technical Advisor / Geologist‚ Weatherford Geoscience Services‚ Weatherford Laboratories Houston Texas. Abstract & Bio


PBS-SEPM 2013 Talks
Date Title Author
February 19th‚ 2013 Midland Basin Unconventional Resource Play‚ Pennsylvanian Cline Shale John Polasek‚ Exploration Manager Permian New Ventures. Abstract & Bio
March 19th‚ 2013 Wolfberry (Wolfcampian-Leonardian) Deep-Water Depositional Systems in the Midland Basin: Stratigraphy‚ Lithofacies‚ Reservoirs‚ and Source Rocks H. Scott Hamlin‚ Research Associate at the Bureau of Economic Geology. Abstract & Bio
April 16th‚ 2013 The Ancestral Rocky Mountains: New Perspectives on an Enigmatic Orogenic Event Dr. Dustin Sweet‚ Department of Geosciences‚ Texas Tech University. Abstract & Bio
May 21st‚ 2013 Goldsmith Landreth San Andres Unit: A CO2 Flood of a Residual Oil Zone(ROZ) by an Independent Operator Dr. Bob Trentham‚ University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Abstract & Bio
September 17th‚ 2013 An Integrated Approach to Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Dr. Michael Grammer‚ Oklahoma State University. Abstract & Bio
October 15th‚ 2013 Using XRF Analyses to Understand the Effects of Compositional Variations on Rock Strength Determined from Micro-Mechanical Devices Dr. Helge Alsleben‚ Texas Christian University. Abstract & Bio
November 19th‚ 2013 Structural Fabrics in Unconventional ‘Mudrock’ Reservoirs David Hume‚ Canadian Discovery. Abstract & Bio


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