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Monthly luncheon meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Meetings are held at the Carrasco Room located behind the Scharbauer Student Center at Midland College, 3600 N. Garfield St. Lunch starts at 11:30 am, meeting is called to order at 12 noon.

Upcoming Talks
Date Title Author

January 17th‚ 2017

Chronostratigraphic Evolution of the Midland and Palo Duro Basins: The PABZT Project Dr. Dustin E. Sweet‚ Assistant Professor‚ Texas Tech University. Abstract & Bio Presentation
February 21st‚ 2017 Rock-Based Integrated Reservoir Characterization: How to Describe a Core and How to Build a Sequence Stratigraphic Model Dr. Robert F. Lindsay‚ Consultant & Professor‚ Lindsay Consulting LLC BYU. Abstract & Bio 
March 21st‚ 2017 Recent Developments in the Use of Big Data; Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Upstream E&P Dr. Susan Nash‚ Director of Innovation and Emerging Science / Technology‚ AAPG. Abstract & Bio Presentation
April 18th‚ 2017 The Geologic and Biogenic Controls on the Abundance of Organic Matter in Hydrocarbon Source Rocks Dr. Mohamed Zobaa‚ Senior Lecturer of Geology‚ UTPB. Abstract & Bio 
May 16th‚ 2017 Depositional Model for the Southern Delaware Basin Dr. Harry Rowe‚ Research Scientist‚ Bureau of Economic Geology. Abstract & Bio 
August 15th‚ 2017 Eolian-Transported Dust in the Permian of the Western US – Implications for Paleoclimate and Source-Rock Formation Dr. Lynn Soreghan‚ James Roy Maxey Professor‚ The University of Oklahoma. Abstract & Bio Article 1 Article 2
September 19th‚ 2017 The Onset of Plate Tectonics on Earth: A Planet in Transition between 2 and 3 Ga Dr. Kent Condie‚ Professor Emeritus of Geochemistry‚ New Mexico Tech. Abstract & Bio 
October 17th‚ 2017 Outcrop-Based Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of an Upper Mississippian Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Ramp, Northeastern Oklahoma Scott Shelley‚ Geologist‚ Concho Resources. Abstract & Bio
November 21st‚ 2017 K-T Crater in Mexico Dr. Sean Gulick BEG University of Texas at Austin. Abstract & Bio

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  1. AHall
    October 26, 2016

    What is the November talk about and by who?

    • Frank Fullbright
      November 9, 2016


      The talk is titled “Natural Fracture Systems in the Spraberry Formation, Permian Basin”. The talk will be held on Tuesday, November 15th at 11:30am in the Carrasco Room at Midland College. The Speaker is Dr. John C. Lorenz. His abstract and bio have been uploaded into the talk page for further information regarding the talk, we look forward to seeing you and all of our other members there.

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